Temaricious Natural Dyed Cashmere Threads

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All dyed with natural dye except the Ecru colours are undyed (ecru cream and ecru soft brown).

Other than the ecru (natural colour) bundles, these are hand-dyed with natural dyes in Tokyo, Japan. 

This lace weight yarn is beautiful for crochet, knitting and embroidery stitching.

The Garcinia colour is from the Garcinia Subelliptica Tree which is known as the Fukuji Tree (the Happiness Tree) in Japan.


Meterage: 52m

Weight: 20g


Finishing off your project (Please read before you start knitting).
- Once your knitting is done, wash it in lukewarm water with wool wash so that the yarn blooms to be soft and tender to wear. 
Be careful not to shrink too small. If you want to make sure of shrinkage please make a swatch and test before starting your knitting.