ITO Fixed Circular Needles

ITO Fixed Circular Needles

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ITO is the first company to introduce the dark Koshitsu bamboo needles, that are best sold and most cherished in Japan, to European knitters and crocheters. ITO also offers the needles in Japanese needle sizes with steps of 0.3 mm between sizes for the first time in Europe.

The best Japanese bamboo is selected and carefully processed that the needles get a warm touch and smooth handle. The material for the dark Koshitsu bamboo needles (up to 10 mm) is stored up to 10 years and additionally steamed which makes the bamboo very hard and prevents warping. Light bamboo needles get easily bent while knitting due to warm hands. Therefore, the Koshitsu bamboo is especially great for smaller needle sizes. The dark bamboo needles are further treated with natural wax for a beautiful finish. Shirotake bamboo is used for the larger needle size which is dried in the sun and processed with essential oils. The needles are accurately manufactured on modern machines, hand polished for a refined surface and thoroughly inspected.

ITO premium quality bamboo needles are sustainably manufactured in a traditional handicraft business between Osaka and Kyoto which has been producing knitting needles for more than 100 years.

Circular needles are available in 40 cm and 60 cm / 16'' and 24'' length with sizes from 2,1 mm to 6,6 mm, in 80 cm / 32'' length with sizes from 2,1 mm to 10 mm as well as in 100 cm / 40'' length with sizes from 7 mm to 10 mm.

Asymmetric circular needles are available in 23 cm / 9'' length with sizes from 2,1 to 6,6 mm. The short tip is 5 cm / 2", the long tip is 6 cm / 2 1/4" long. They are especially suited for small projects worked in rounds like socks, sleeves, wrist warmers.

All circular needles have a rotating joint with a flexible cable and a sleek cable connection for smooth knitting.