ISAGER Alpaca 3
ISAGER Alpaca 3

ISAGER Alpaca 3

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ISAGER ALPACA 3 is an I-cord spun yarn. As Alpaca 2 it consists of 50% wool and 50% alpaca. The yarn is spun in a way that gives it a special soft and airy feel. Used individually it is perfect for a sweater which will become light, all tough the yarn is thick. The yarn should be knitted on large needles.  Alpaca 3 is knitted on needles 5 for edgesotherwise on needles 6 or 7.





  • 50 % alpaca and 50% wool
  • Meterage: 250 m in 100 g
  • I-cord spun yarn
  • Spund and dyed in Peru